Image 1 of Areolate Grouper (Epinephrlus areolatus). Image 2 of Areolate Grouper (Epinephrlus areolatus). Image 3 of Areolate Grouper (Epinephrlus areolatus).

Areolate Grouper (Epinephrlus areolatus).

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This species are protogynous hermaphrodites— meaning all fish are born female, with some individuals changing sex to become male as they get larger!

The Sea Fan is from one of our trips to Puerto Rico (where my partner is from). After large storms, they wash up in droves.

The fish is from a company that taxidermies accidental bycatch. Instead of just throwing the dead fish back to sea, they become taxidermy. No animals are ever killed for the purpose of art.

The Starfish is from a recent Florida trip, we found a shell shop and stocked up!

Art is 6" x 6". Comes with picture wire mount on the back for hanging. I also sell small easels if you prefer to display them to standing in your curio cabinet.

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