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Cynosura eighty-eight Forewings

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Fun fact! Males often visit river beaches to imbibe dissolved minerals. On hot sunny days they habitually land on the arms, legs and backs of humans to imbibe sweat. For photographers this behaviour can be maddening, as no matter how many times you shoo the butterfly off and try to cajole it into settling on a natural substrate, it insists on returning immediately to land on your trousers, shoulder, boots or camera bag. Moreover the longer you spend trying to get a photograph the braver the butterfly becomes, and the more likely it is to glue itself to your back or the top of your head !

All creations come from nature, and will vary in color and pattern. Since they lived natural lives, they may also have small imperfections.

All earrings are 925 silver unless special ordered.

Butterflies have relatively short lifespans, with most only living a few weeks. Therefore, butterfly farms have a constant supply.

Sources of my specimens include: entomology supply companies, butterfly farms, entomologist collections, donated pets & locally found dead. No creatures are harmed for the creation of my art! Everything I use has already passed, and I'm giving it a new life by recycling it.

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