Image 1 of Red-based Jezebel. Image 2 of Red-based Jezebel. Image 3 of Red-based Jezebel.

Red-based Jezebel.

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Like other jezebels, this butterfly tastes bitter to predators. As a caterpillar it feeds on plant toxins, which makes the adult butterfly unpalatable. Hence, the butterfly freely advertises its presence through its bright yellow-and-red markings on the underside, unconcerned that it will be eaten. The protection strategy of the Red-spot Jezebel is so successful, that other butterflies, such as the Red-spot Sawtooth— mimic the jezebel’s colouration and flight pattern as protection.

Insects come from entomological supply companies. They are farm-raised by locals dedicated to conservation.

Art is 4" x 4". Comes with picture wire mount on the back for hanging. I also sell small easels if you prefer to display them to standing in your curio cabinet.

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