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Eastern Tiger Swallowtails

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Eastern Tiger Swallowtails are sourced from an entomological supply company that breeds butterflies for sale to encourage conservation efforts and discourage wild collection.

The tiger swallowtail is America's second most recognized butterfly (after the monarch.)

Once considered a single butterfly with a vast range — it took scientists more than 200 years to discover there are actually 4 distinct species. You can’t really blame scientists for the confusion though. Not only do these species look incredibly similar, their ranges overlap in many places. There are the Eastern, Appalachian, Western and Canadian species.

Forewings (wings only) are about 2".
Hindwings (wings only) are about 2.25"
Add an inch in length for the hook.

Disclaimer: Butterflies naturally vary in color and pattern, and so the pair you receive may not be completely identical to the pair shown. They also may have minor damage, especially in the case of those that died of natural causes.

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