Image 1 of Xanthid Crab 🦀 (Demania cultripes) Image 2 of Xanthid Crab 🦀 (Demania cultripes) Image 3 of Xanthid Crab 🦀 (Demania cultripes) Image 4 of Xanthid Crab 🦀 (Demania cultripes)

Xanthid Crab 🦀 (Demania cultripes)

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This crab has accidentally killed people in the Indo-Pacific region, as the locals who consumed it were not aware it was toxic! Not only is it toxic, but it possesses two poisons: a tetrodotoxin (like that found in pufferfish) and a paralytic shellfish poison.

This specimen is accidental bycatch from the fishing industry. Nothing is killed for the artwork.

This piece measures 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" with the custom made frame. The crab itself is 7" across! Piece includes a sawtooth hanger.

Coral is a piece I collected washed up on the beach in Puerto Rico.

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